Easy Crafts for Kids

crafts for kids

If you're looking for fun crafts for kids to make at home or in groups, you've come to the right place!

Whatever theme, topic, season or celebration you are looking to explore, you should be able to find something here to encourage your creativity. What's more, this collection of favourite crafts and activities has been tested on real kids, who told me what was fun (and what wasn't!).

You will find projects for toddlers, pre-schoolers and school-aged children, with ideas and activities that range from pirates to play dough, and from bookmarks to bubble painting. I have also included some information about useful craft equipment and materials, and some basic kids craft techniques.

So dig out your craft box and your imagination, and enjoy!

Pirate Crafts

pirate crafts

Pirate crafts are really popular with toddlers, pre-schoolers and kindergarten kids. I have designed simple instructions for a brilliant pirate hat craft and a really useful skull and crossbones stencil.

My super cute parrot craft has also proved a hit with pirate mad kids of all ages.

Kitchen Crafts

kitchen crafts

A section covering kid's kitchen crafts seemed like fun, so kids baking ideas, gingerbread crafts and other edible crafts for kids have been included.

Salt dough crafts and home-made playdough are also wonderfully quick and easy for kids to make in the kitchen.

Animal Crafts

butterfly crafts

There are some fun animal crafts for kids to make too, with projects on insects, frogs, butterflies, ladybirds, parrots, dinosaurs, horses and farm animals as well as many others.

If I haven't included the animal craft you're looking for why not contact me and I'll see what I can do!

Seasonal Crafts

christmas crafts

I have included seasonal craft projects to take you through spring, summer, autumn and winter.

As well as ideas for celebration days and festivals such as Valentine's Day, Father's day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas.

Outdoor Crafts

outdoor crafts

Nature crafts offer something a little different from the usual cutting, painting and sticking, so I have also included projects that use leaves, pinecones and seashells.

My kids always love getting extra messy when we take our crafts into the garden so I have also covered kids creative activities to do whilst outdoors.

Please note: I am working all the time to add new craft ideas to my collection, please bear with me as the site grows.

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